New Mexico Home Builders Association (NMHBA) is a 1,900+ member trade association that was chartered with the National Association of Home Builders in 1959 to improve conditions in the construction industry, thereby providing the citizens of New Mexico with safe, quality housing.

homeownersHomeownership is the cornerstone of family security, stability and prosperity. It strengthens our communities, encourages civic responsibility and provides a solid foundation from which New Mexicans can work to support their families, enhance their communities and achieve their personal goals.

The value of housing and homeownership to New Mexico and its people just cannot be overstated.


Building Code Information

The Construction Industries Division (CID) has completed its current round of amending the 2009 New Mexico building codes. Some of the statewide codes took effect August – November of 2011, and the NM Energy Conservation Code was the last to take effect, on January 1, 2012.


Industry Issues Statements

For many years New Mexico Home Builders Association has prepared Issue Statements to clarify its position on topics of interest to the construction industry.   Through the years these Issue Statements have provided guidance for NMHBA lobbying efforts during Legislative Sessions at the Round House.