Association Services Corporation dba New Mexico License Bonding

New Mexico License Bonding is an Independent Insurance Agency whose purpose is to better serve those in the construction industry. New Mexico License Bonding features RLI Insurance Company as its insurance carrier.

New Mexico License Bonding
Shayla Whitehead
5931 Office Blvd. Ste #1
Albuquerque  NM  87109
505-344-7277 Or Free in NM 1-800-523-8421
RLI Insurance Company
16150 N. Arrowhead Fountains Center Dr.   Ste #225
Peoria  AZ  85382

Contractors License Bond
If you are getting a new license or renewing your license, you need this new bond if yours has expired.get_adobe_reader
Code Compliance Bond application
Information on the contractor’s license code bond.

Manufactured Housing Division (MHD) Installer’s or Repairman’s Consumer Protection Bond/ Contractor’s Crossover Bond
Each installer and each repairman is required to maintain this $10,000 surety bond in addition to the Contractor’s License Bond. This bond indemnifies the consumer for losses due to fraud, misrepresentation, or violation of the written warranty.  NEW! As of June 1, 2017, the date on your MHD bond must match the date on your MHD Contractor’s Crossover License.  Do not get your bond until you have all your other paperwork ready to send in to MHD.
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Excavation Bond
This bond guarantees that the excavating contractor will put the street back the way it was before the excavation.
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Sidewalk, Drive-Pad, Curb & Gutter Bonds
This bond guarantees the city or county that the sidewalk, drive-pad, curb or gutter will be put in the subdivision by the developer according to the requirements of the city or county and they will be completed within a specific time frame.
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Payment of Permit Fees Bond
This bond guarantees the contractor will be able to pull permits, as required, for a period of time.
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Notary Error & Omissions Insurance
This insurance requires no deductible or exclusions and we pay defense costs regardless of the validity of any notary lawsuit up to $10,000. Please call NMLB at 505-344-7277 or 800-523-8421 for more information.