New Mexico Home Builders Association

The 2022 Nominating Committee has qualified the following slate for the 2023 fiscal year.  Please “check mark” the appropriate box for each candidate for whom you wish to vote.  As an alternative to voting for the prepared slate, you may write in a member’s name for any office.  Only one vote per member.

To register your vote, this ballot must be submitted by October 31, 2022.


Lora Vassar, Arch Designs

If you know Lora Vassar, you know she is passionate about our industry! She is a tireless worker dedicated to education, advocacy, and sustainability of the built environment. She has served on numerous Local, State, and National committees and councils through the last 15 years always defending and shining the light on our industry issues. Lora is also a Board member of the Foundation for Building, which oversees Build Green New Mexico, among other programs.

A Los Angeles native, Lora began her career in construction in 1986. She has been exclusive to the residential remodeling world since 1993. Arch Design, started in 2010, is a Design/Build Remodeling firm. With a BA in Architecture, and 35 years in the construction industry, Lora’s industry knowledge, building science principles, creativity in design and attention to detail have solidified her reputation as a trusted remodeler with her clients, their referrals, and her peers within the industry.

Once again, Lora will personally attend (as allowed and needed) the Roundhouse Legislation Sessions, promote membership, and especially the benefits of serving in a leadership position and committees. She is well-versed in our continued battle on abusive litigation (construction defects), along with code adoptions and construction regulations.

Her commitment is to continue representing the New Mexico construction industry through working to broaden New Mexico’s HBA membership and involvement.

DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT: The President is the Chief Officer of the Association and presides at its meetings and those of the Board of Directors. Between meetings the President has the authority to represent the Association and act in its name, subject only to its declared policies. The President appoints all committees and performs all other duties usual to such office. The President's term of office is for one year, after the President has consecutively served one year each as Secretary-Treasurer and 1st Vice President/President-Elect.

Chris Hakes, Hakes Brothers Construction

Chris is an owner and Division President of Hakes Brothers. He loves building so that families have a home where they can make lifelong memories. He is passionate about all builder issues and wants to work to ensure viability for the industry.

In 2006, realizing they had developed complementary skills, Chris and his two brothers came together with “a vision to raise the bar for new home construction in Las Cruces.” Expansions to El Paso and Albuquerque came next, then to San Antonio, TX. Hakes Brothers builds semi-custom homes featuring luxury amenities, and are still headquartered in Las Cruces.

DUTIES OF THE 1st VP/PRESIDENT-ELECT: The 1st VP/President-Elect performs the duties of the President in the President’s absence and any other duties as prescribed by the President. The 1st VP/President-Elect serves on the Board of Directors. The First Vice President becomes the President the following year.

Diana Lucero - New Mexico Bank & Trust
Diana Lucero is Vice President of Construction Lending at New Mexico Bank & Trust. Currently serving as the NMHBA Associate V.P., she is also a member of the Government Affairs Committee and the Finance Committee. Diana is active with her Local – HBA of Central New Mexico – currently serving on their Board of Directors as Chair of the Membership Committee. She is also on the Golf Committee, Parade of Homes Committee, Home Builders Care Committee and the Remodelers Council Bowling Fundraising Committee. She is very involved at the National level. She is the Past National Associate Chair (NAC), Past Associate Committee Chair, and sits on the NAHB’s Board of Directors (Life Director), Leadership Council, Conventions & Meetings Committee and NAHB BUILD-PAC Board of Trustees. Diana continues to be active and participates in many community events and loves spending time with her grandchildren.

Kent Thurston, KT Homes

Kent is the owner of KT Homes in Las Cruces. He is a second-generation home builder and has continued his father’s legacy of building energy efficient homes. It is important to him that his homes are comfortable and affordable over the life of the home. Kent has an eye for innovation and continuously looks for new products and business methods he can introduce to better his business and the community.

Kent is passionate about the future of homebuilding and has been actively involved in introducing trade work as a viable career path to the youth of Las Cruces. He has been instrumental in the LCHBA’s efforts to get construction programs back in the Las Cruces Public Schools. In conjunction with the LCHBA and Organ Mountain High School, KT Homes has built a yearly Education House that gives students hands on experience with all the stages of homebuilding.

Kent has served as President of the Las Cruces Homebuilder association and is actively involved in the community. He seeks out projects that bring value to the community by focusing on thoughtfully designed developments that bring beauty, functionality, and recreation to the residents. KT Homes builds in Las Cruces and Carlsbad.

DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY-TREASURER: The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the keeping of written record of all of the official proceedings of the Association. The Secretary-Treasurer has general charge of the financial affairs of the Association and renders a periodic financial statement to the Board of Directors as required. The Secretary-Treasurer succeeds the 1st VP/President-Elect and eventually the President.

Steve Montanez

Steve is the Owner & Qualifying Broker at New Mexico Properties LLC in Southern New Mexico. Steve has an extensive background in government affairs at the local, state, and federal levels, serving as a planning & zoning commissioner in Dona Ana County, having served as chair of government affairs at the Las Cruces HBA, a Director on the NAHB Leadership Council, and on the New Mexico Association of Realtors’ Government Affairs Committee. Prior to his current posts Steve has also served as a board member for both the Las Cruces HBA (8+ years) and NMHBA, and is currently serving his first year as the NAHB Build-PAC Trustee for New Mexico. Steve is also the recipient of the NMHBA'S Rising Star Award (2021). Government affairs is just what Steve does. He always has done everything he can to stay ahead of any legislation that affects the construction and real estate industries.

DUTIES OF BUILD-PAC TRUSTEE: There is one Trustee for New Mexico, who serves as a principal fundraiser by planning at least one state fundraising event annually; meets with federal legislators and represent NAHB members in their home state on policy matters. Trustees make candidate contribution requests to NAHB and have the responsibility to ensure the contribution check is delivered.

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