(Originally published in the March 2006 Housing Journal)

CID To Begin Enforcing Stucco Weep Screed Requirements

As of March 1, the Construction Industries Division (CID) began enforcing the 2003 New Mexico Residential Code, Section R703.6.2.1 – Weep Screeds, for stucco installation on residential wood frame construction. This was announced in a CID memo dated February 2006. Stucco weep screed has been a requirement of the most recently adopted NM Building Code, however, most jurisdictions, including CID, have been ignoring the requirement.

The memo states, “During the last few months, the Construction Industries Division, representatives from the plaster industry and the New Mexico Home Builders Association have worked diligently to identify the cause of plaster failure and improve the way plaster is applied in the State of New Mexico.” According to CID, it was the consensus of industry specialists that the installation of weep screeds will help prevent plaster system failures.

Seminars on code compliant plaster installations were developed and taught by CID on a statewide basis in 2005. Sessions to accommodate specific training needs are available upon request. For more information, call CID in Santa Fe at 505-476-4700.


2003 International Residential Codeâ (Currently adopted edition for New Mexico)

“R703.6.2.1 Weep screeds. A minimum of 0.019-inch (0.48 mm) (No. 26 galvanized sheet gage), corrosion-resistant weep screed or plastic weep screed, with a minimum vertical attachment flange of 3½ inches (89 mm) shall be provided at or below the foundation plate line on exterior stud walls in accordance with ASTM C 926. The weep screed shall be placed a minimum of 4 inches (102 mm) above the earth or 2 inches (51 mm) above paved areas and shall be of a type that will allow trapped water to drain to the exterior of the building. The weather-resistant barrier shall lap the attachment flange. The exterior lath shall cover and terminate on the attachment flange of the weep screed.”