(Originally published in the May 2008 Housing Journal)

Liquid Waste Regulations Reminder

Reminder: Conventional septic systems on ½-acre lots will not be allowed after Sept 1, 2008.

When the updated Liquid Waste Regulations (LWR) went into effect on September 1, 2005, they included a “grandfathering” provision to continue the permitting of conventional septic systems on ½-acre lots for three years. The date for requiring Alternative Treatment Units (ATUs) on ½-acre lots with wells is coming up September 1, 2008. After that date any homes constructed on ½-acre lots that were platted prior to 1979 will fall into the same category as those platted after 1979, and will be required to install an ATU system.

The difference in cost is estimated to be $6,000 for a conventional septic system, and $12,000 for an ATU sized for a 3-bedroom house.

½-acre lots tied into a municipal water system may continue to utilize conventional septic systems until September 1, 2010. After that date those lots will also have to install an ATU.