Contractors License (Code) Bond

Bonds-December 2014 Long-Awaited Code Bond Rules Passed by Construction Industries Commission.  All the discussion is complete.  EVP & CEO Jack Milarch reveals where NMHBA “won” for the contractors, and where we couldn’t convince the regulators to compromise.

Bonds-May 2014 — Code Bond Call Rules – Update.  Discussions continue on the bond “call” process.  EVP & CEO Jack Milarch discusses the questions of can a general claim against their subs, are checks mailed before or after the repairs are made, whose bond is at risk, and how much time will a contractor have to debate and possibly fix the code violation.

Bonds-April 2014 When Can CID Order a Payout From Your Code Compliance Bond? — Construction Industries Division and NMHBA Propose Competing Rules for Contractor Code Compliance Bond.  EVP & CEO Jack Milarch discusses the two divergent concepts of paying out on the bonds:  Before the code violation has been repaired, or as a reimbursement for the completed repairs.

Bonds-July 2011 —   The Contractor’s New Code Compliance Bond.  The first Code Bond has been “called”, and the June 2011 NMHBA Board of Directors Meeting was rife with questions about the process.  EVP & CEO Jack Milarch addresses some of the issues.

Bonds-May 2009 Major Contractor’s License Bond Changes Begin Phase-In.  EVP & CEO Jack Milarch provides highlights of the new code bond and gives a overview of how the investigation process is likely to proceed against a contractor when a complaint is filed against the new bond.

Bonds-October 2008  The New Reason to Pay Attention to Code Compliance: Now, Can You Prove That Was Code Compliant? EVP & CEO Jack Milarch follows up on his August article by explaining that while following manufacturer’s directions is always important, the new twist is that you must not only follow the instructions, but up to ten years later you must be able to prove it.

Bonds-August 2008 New Contractor Code Compliance Bond Required July 1, 2009.  EVP & CEO Jack Milarch provides an introduction to the changes coming to the bond required for all licensed contractors.