New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax

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2013 Gross Receipts Tax Regulations Help to Limit “Tax Pyramiding”
for the Construction Industry

Special Information for Residential Contractors, Subs & Suppliers Available Here

New regulations went into effect January 1, 2013 that greatly impact the construction industry.
NMHBA has prepared the documents below to assist the residential construction industry in understanding these regulations so members will be better equipped to avoid additional taxes when the NM Tax and Revenue Department (TRD) randomly audits companies.  Correct use of the Non-Taxable Transaction Certificates (NTTCs) between primary contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers is key to avoiding problems during an audit.

Here is a Flow Chart that shows who may accept an NTTC from a construction company, and when it would not be appropriate.

adobe_pdfGRT Flow Chart

Download the GRT FAQs for contractors here.

adobe_pdfGRT FAQs

Download the GRT FAQs for suppliers and sub-contractors here.

adobe_pdfSubs & Suppliers FAQs

2013 Gross Receipts Tax Regulations for contractors, suppliers, and their accounting and tax professionals

NMHBA recommends that contractors and suppliers read the GRT regulations for themselves.  The construction-specific parts of the document are relatively easy to read and understand, and contain a number of useful examples on their application.

Unfortunately, the regulation as published by the state is written in a very user-unfriendly manner, mixing and co-mingling regulations for many different business types.  In order to help you actually read the construction-related regulations, NMHBA has available a copy of the new regulations, and highlighted the construction-relevant portions in yellow.

Readers can access the construction-relevant sections by simply moving from yellow-highlighted section to yellow-highlighted section.

Send an e-mail to or call 505-344-7072 if you would like the pdf document e-mailed to you.